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Loan Rates


Power your life with a Kindred loan at a competitive rate.


Your Personal Loan Rate Options:

With a fixed interest rate, your rate and payment stay the same each month, and you know when your loan will be paid off. Since the rate is not variable, changes to the Kindred Prime Rate will not affect your rate.

Fixed Rate Loan

Minimum Interest Rate

7.20 %

Fixed Rate Loan

Maximum Interest Rate

13.60 %


With a variable interest rate, your rate changes whenever the Kindred Prime Rate changes, but your loan payment stays the same. If interest rates decrease, more of your regular loan payment goes towards your principal (the amount still owed, not including interest), so you may pay off your loan faster. If interest rates increase, more of your regular loan payment goes towards interest and it may take you longer to pay off your loan.

Variable Rate Loan

Minimum Interest Rate (Kindred Prime Rate + 1.00%)

7.95 %

Variable Rate Loan

Maximum Interest Rate (Kindred Prime Rate + 9.00%)

15.95 %

Currently Kindred Prime Rate is:

6.95 %

Interest rates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without notice. Rates noted here are minimums and maximums, your actual loan interest rate is determined by your credit score and ability to repay the loan. Speak to a Personal Lending Specialist to find out if you qualify for credit and what your interest rate will be.


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From term loans to lines of credit and even student borrowing solutions, Kindred has the credit options you’re looking for. See our Lending Options.